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Welcome to the Enigmatic

"Corn Evil" Maze!


For 4 thrilling nights, prepare yourself to experience the most heart-pounding adventure of your life! Step into the haunting world of "CORN EVIL," where every sound could spell your doom. Our extraordinary performers possess a peculiarity that sets them apart – years on the road have honed their senses to the faintest of noises.


But hush! As you find the entrance with ease, beware the challenge that lies ahead. Complete silence is your shield; the carnival goers listen intently, and any noise could attract their attention – an encounter you'd wish to avoid!


Listen to your instincts as you embark on this maze of twists and turns. The shadows conceal not just secrets but also the ever-watchful eyes of our eerie freak show, on the prowl for new members to join their enigmatic ranks.


Dare you accept the call? If courage courses through your veins, venture forth to navigate the eerie corridors, decipher cryptic clues, and find your way out in silence. It's a test of bravery like no other!


Are you up for the challenge? "The Corn Evil" demands only the bravest souls. Do you dare to brave the night and conquer the mysteries that lurk within the labyrinth of the corn? 


Shh! The carnival people are listening, so silence is your key to survival. Step into the unknown, embrace the enigma, and escape "The Corn Evil" unscathed!


Please ensure you are committed before purchasing tickets.

This is an intense experience and no refunds are given under any circumstances.

  • Bags are not permitted inside of the mazes

  • This attraction uses live actors throughout. We ask all attendees to not touch the actors.

  • This is an outdoor attraction and sensible footwear needs to be worn 
    *We reserve the right to refuse entry to attendees wearing trainers*

  • *Follow all safety instructions listed onsite and by staff members

  • This event is strictly for 14 years and above. ID may be required upon entry! Those aged 14 – 17 years require an adult over 18 per party that must stay with the group at all times. The Labyrinth attractions may use language deemed offensive and or too mature for younger visitors. No cry babies/easily scared or offended people should enter The Labyrinth and our attractions. No refund will be given if you find the experience too scary…

Read our FAQ's/Terms and Conditions for more information
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