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The Labyrinth
Back with avengeance

Halloween scare maze


Countdown to the first night!

Something quiet this way comes!

Deep within the heart of Harvestville, a chilling carnival known as "The Corn Evil" would emerge like clockwork, shrouded in mystery and whispers of the strange. 


For eight suspenseful nights, this enigmatic spectacle would captivate the curious, luring them with a dare that few could resist – to brave the maze of corn and escape unscathed.


Rumors abounded about the carnival's eerie performers, their eerie talents rooted in a world beyond comprehension. They were said to possess a heightened sensitivity to sound, with even the faintest noise drawing their attention. To enter the maze meant embracing silence – a test of nerves few were prepared for.


As the twilight sky settled upon Harvestville, the entrance to "The Corn Evil" would appear, a dark portal beckoning adventurers to seek its secrets. But this was no ordinary corn maze; it was a labyrinth of the bizarre and unexplained.


Once inside, the brave souls were confronted with cryptic clues and chilling riddles. Each puzzle held the key to survival, and the silence was their only ally. In the dimly lit passages, they had to move stealthily, lest the carnival's denizens be alerted to their presence.


The carnival was a deadly game, where those who made a single sound risked the wrath of the performers. There were no spectators here; it was a test of wits and courage to reach the heart of the maze, find the hidden artifacts, and escape with their lives.


As the moon cast eerie shadows upon the towering cornstalks, the stakes were clear – get in, uncover the mysteries, and get out alive. For the fate of those who failed to heed the silence was whispered among the townsfolk, chilling their spines.


Harvestville's bravest souls were drawn like moths to a flame, unable to resist the siren call of "The Corn Evil." They knew the risks, but the thrill of conquering the enigmatic labyrinth and escaping the clutches of silence was an irresistible challenge.


Who among them would rise to the test, navigating the hushed corridors, unraveling the carnival's dark secrets, and emerging as a triumphant survivor? Only the bravest and most cunning could claim that honor, for the maze demanded not only courage but a mastery of silence – the key to life itself within "The Corn Evil." 

This event is strictly for 14 years and above. ID may be required upon entry! Those aged 14 – 17 years require an adult over 18 per party that must stay with the group at all times. The Labyrinth attractions may use language deemed offensive and or too mature for younger visitors. No cry babies/easily scared or offended people should enter The Labyrinth and our attractions. No refund will be given if you find the experience too scary…

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