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Countdown to the first night!

Deep within the sprawling fields of Notts Maze lies Whitley Farm, a once-thriving agricultural haven now shrouded in terror and darkness. Legends whisper of the Whitley family, whose isolation and suspicion of outsiders led them down a path of madness and horror.

Once, Whitley Farm was a picture of prosperity, its cornfields stretching as far as the eye could see. But with the arrival of a sinister force from the depths of the earth, the land itself became corrupted, and the Whitley family fell victim to its malevolent influence.

As the crops wilted and died, so too did the sanity of the Whitleys. Consumed by visions and whispers from the darkness, they turned on one another in a frenzy of violence. Those who dared approach the farm vanished without a trace, their anguished cries lost in the night.

Now, Whitley Farm stands as a grim testament to the family's tragic demise, a place where nightmares roam freely and the boundary between the living and the dead is blurred.


Adventurers brave enough to venture into the farm's labyrinthine corn maze must navigate its twisting paths while evading the vengeful spirits of the Whitley family.

But beware, for the darkness that claimed Whitley Farm still hungers for souls. Will you emerge unscathed from the clutches of the hillbilly curse, or will you become its next victim?

This event is strictly for 14 years and above. ID may be required upon entry! Those aged 14 – 17 years require an adult over 18 per party that must stay with the group at all times. The Labyrinth attractions may use language deemed offensive and or too mature for younger visitors. No cry babies/easily scared or offended people should enter The Labyrinth and our attractions. No refund will be given if you find the experience too scary…

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